Jun 27, 2010

NP5 Nursing Board Exam November Answer Key 'Nursing Care of Client with Physiological and Psychosocial Alteration'

100 Nursing Board Exam test questions of November 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE)
Nursing Practice V – Nursing Care of Client with Physiological and Psychosocial Alteration
Medical and Surgical Nursing / Psychology

PART 2 Board Exam test questions 51 - 100
Situation 9: Clients with Bipolar disorder receives a very high nursing attention due to the increasing rate of suicide related to illness.

51. The nurse is assigned to care for a recently admitted client  who has attempted suicide. What should the nurse do?
A. Search the client’s belongings and room carefully for items that could be used to attempt suicide.
B. Express trust that the client won’t cause self-harm while in the facility.
C. Respect the client’s privacy by not searching any belongings
D. Remind all staff members to check on the client frequently

52. In planning activities for the depressed client, especially during the early stages of hospitalization, which of the following plan is best?
A. Provide an activity that is quiet and solitary to avoid increased fatigue such as working on a puzzle and reading a book.
B. Plan nothing until the client asks to participate in the milieu
C. Offer the client a menu of daily activities and ask the client to participate in all of them
D. Provide a structured daily program of activities and encourage the client to participate

53. A client with a diagnosis of major depression, recurrent with psychotic features is admitted to the mental health unit. To create a safe environment for the client, the nurse most importantly devises a plan of care that deals specifically with the clients:
A. Disturbed thought process
B. Self Care Deficit
C. Imbalanced Nutrition
D. Deficient Knowledge

54. The client is taking a Tricyclic anti depressant. Which of the following is an example of TCA?
A. Paxil
B. Zoloft
C. Nardil
D. Pamelor

55. A client visits the physician’s office to seek treatment for depression, feeling of hopelessness, poor appetite, insomnia, fatigue, low self-esteem, poor concentration, and difficulty making decisions. The client states that these symptoms began at least 2 years ago. Based on this report, the nurse suspects:
A. cyclothymic disorder
B. Major depression
C. Bipolar disorder
D. Dysthymic disorder

56. The nurse is planning activities for a client who has bipolar disorder, which aggressive social behaviour. Which of the following activities would be most appropriate for this client?
A. Ping Pong
B. Linen Delivery
C. Chess
D. Basketball

57. The nurse assesses a client with admitted diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder mania. The symptom
presented by the client that requires the nurse’s immediate intervention is the client’s:
A. Outlandish behaviour and inappropriate dress
B. Grandiose delusion of being a royal descendant of King Arthur
C. Nonstop physical activity and poor nutritional intake
D. Constant incessant talking that includes sexual topic and teasing.

58. A nurse is conducting a group therapy session and during the session. A client with mania consistently talks and dominates the group. The behaviour is disrupting the group interaction. The nurse would initially:
A. Ask the client to leave the group session.
B. Tell the client that she will not be allowed to attend any more group sessions.
C. Tell the client that she needs to allow other client in a group time to talk.
D. Ask another nurse to escort the client out of the group session.

59. A professional artist is admitted to the psychiatric unit for treatment of bipolar disorder. During the last 2 weeks, the client has created 154 paintings, slept only 2 to 3 hours every 2 days, and lost 18 lb. (8.2 kg). Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what should the nurse provide this client with first?
A. The opportunity to explore family dynamics
B. Help with re-establishing a normal sleep pattern.
C. Experiences that build self-esteem.
D. Art materials and equipment.

60. The physician orders lithium carbonate (Lithonate) for a client who’s in the manic phase of bipolar disorder. During lithium therapy, the nurse should watch for which adverse reactions?
A. Anxiety, restlessness, and sleep disturbance
B. Nausea, diarrhea, tremor, and lethargy
C.  Constipation, lethargy, and ataxia
D. Weakness, tremor, and urine retention

Situation 10 – Annie has a morbid fear of heights. She asks the nurse what desensitization therapy is:

61. The accurate information of the nurse the goal of desensitization is:
A. To help the clients relax and progressively work up a list of anxiety  provoking situations through imagery
B. To provide corrective emotional experiences through a one-to-one intensive relationship
C. To help clients in a group therapy setting to take on specific roles and reenact in front of an audience, situations in which interpersonal conflict is involved.
D. To help clients cope with their problems by learning behaviors that we are more functional and be better equipped to face reality and make decisions.

62. It is essential in desensitization for the patient to:
     A. Have a rapport with therapist
     B. Use deep breathing or another relaxation technique
     C. Assess one’s self for the need of anxiolytic drug
     D. Work through unresolved unconsciousness conflicts

63. In this level of anxiety, cognitive capacity diminishes. Focus becomes limited and client experiences turned vision. Physical signs of anxiety become more pronounced.
     A. Severe anxiety
     B. Panic
     C. Mild anxiety
     D. Moderate anxiety

64. Anti-anxiety medication should be used with extreme caution because long term use can lead to.
     A. Parkinsonian like syndrome
     B. Hypertensive crisis
     C. Hepatic failure
     D. Risk of addiction

65. The nursing management of anxiety related with post traumatic stress disorder includes all of the following EXCEPT:
     A. Encourage participation in recreation or sport activities
     B. Reassurance client’s safety while touching client
     C. Speak in calm soothing voice
     D. Remain with the client while fear level is high

SITUATION 11: You are fortunate to be chosen as part of the research team in the hospital. A review of the following IMPORTANT nursing concepts was made.

66. As a professional, a nurse can do research for varied reason except:
A. Professional advancement through research participation
B. To validate results of new nursing modalities
C. For financial gains
D. To improve nursing care

67. Each nurse participants was asked to identify a problem. After the identification of the research problem, which of the following should be done?
A. Methodology
B. Review of related literature
C. Acknowledgement
D. Formulate hypothesis

68. Which of the following communicate the results of the research to the readers. They facilitate the description of the data.
A. Hypothesis
B. Statistics
C. Research Problem
D. Tables and Graphs

69. In Quantitative date, which of the following is described as the distance in the scoring unites of the variable from the highest to the lower?
A. Frequency
B. Mean
C. Median
D. Range

70. This expresses the variability of the data in reference to the mean. It provides as with a numerical estimate of how far, on the average the separate observation are from the mean:
A. Mode
B. Standard deviation
C. Median
D. Frequency

Situation 12: Survey and Statistics are important part of research that is necessary to explain the characteristics of the population.

71. According to the WHO statistics on the Homeless population around the world. Which of the following groups of people in the world disproportionately represents the homeless population?
A. Hispanics
B. Asians
C. African Americans
D. Caucasians

72. All but one of the following is not a measure of Central Tendency?
A. Mode
B. Variance
C. Standard Deviation
D. Range

73. In the value: 87, 85, 88, 92, 90: What is the mean?
A. 88.2
B. 88.4
C. 87
D. 90

74. In the value: 80, 80, 80, 82, 82, 90, 90,100. What is the mode?
A. 80
B. 82
C. 90
D. 85.5.

75. In the value 80, 80, 10, 10, 25, 65, 100, 200: What is the median?
A. 71.25
B. 22.5
C. 10 and 25
D. 72.5

76. Draw Lots, Lottery, Table of random numbers or a sampling that ensures that each element of the population has an equal and independent chance of being chosen is called:
A. Cluster
B. Simple
C. Stratified
D. Systematic

77. An investigator wants to determine some of the problems that are experienced by diabetic clients when using an Insulin pump. The investigation went into a clinic where he personally knows several diabetic clients having problem with insulin pump. The type of sampling done by the investigator is called:
A. Probability
B. Purposive
C. Snowball
D. Incidental

78. If the researcher implemented a new structured counselling program with a randomized group of subject and a routine counselling program with another randomized group of subject, the research is utilizing which design?
A. Quasi experimental
B. Experimental
C. Comparative
D. Methodological

79. Which of the following is not rue about a Pure Experimental Research?
A. There is a control group
B. There is an experimental group
C. Selection of subjects in the control group is randomized
D. There is a careful selection of subjects in the experimental group

80. The researcher implemented a medication regimen using a new type of combination of drugs to manic patients while another group of manic patient receives the routine drugs. The researcher however hand picked the experimental group for they are the clients with multiple episodes of bipolar disorder. The researcher utilized which research design?
A. Quasi-experimental
B. Pure experimental
C. Phenomenological
D. Longitudinal

Situation 13: As a nurse you are expected to participate in initiating or participating in the conduct of research students to improve nursing practice. You to be updated on the latest trends and issues affected the profession and the best practices arrived at by the profession.

81. You are interested to study the effects of medication and relaxation on the pain experienced by the cancer patients. What type of variable is pain?
A. Dependent
B. Correlational
C. Independent
D. Demographic

82. You would like to compare the support system of patient with chronic illness to those with acute illness. How will you best state your problem?
A. A descriptive study to compare the support system of patients with chronic illness and those with acute illness in terms of demographic data and knowledge
B. The effects of the types of support system of patients with chronic illness and those with acute illness
C. A comparative analysis of the support system of patients with chronic illness and those with acute illness
D. A study to compare the support system of patients with chronic illness and those with acute illness.
E. What are the differences of the support system being received by patient with chronic illness and patients with acute illness?

83. You would like to compare the support system of patients with chronic illness to those with acute illness. Considering that the hypothesis was: “Clients with chronic illness have lesser support system than clients with acute illness.” What type of research is this?
A. Descriptive
B. Experimental
C. Correlational, Non experimental
D. Quasi Experimental

84. In any research study where individual persons are involved, it is important that an informed consent of the study is obtained. The following are essential information about the consent that you should disclose to the prospective subject except:
A. Consent to incomplete
B. Description of benefits, risks and discomforts
C. Explaining of procedure
D. Assurance of anonymity and confidentiality

85. In the hypothesis: “The utilization of technology in teaching improves the retention and attention of the nursing students.” Which is the dependent variable?
A. Utilization of technology
B. Improvement in the retention and attention
C. Nursing students
D. Teaching

Situation 14: You are actively practicing nurse who has just finished your graduate studies. You learned the value of research and would like to utilize the knowledge and skills gained in the application of research to the nursing service. The following questions apply to research.

86.Which type of research inquiry investigates the issue of human complexity (e.g. understanding the human expertise)?
A. logical position                                                                                         
B. natural inquiry                                                                                      
C. positivism
D. quantitative research

87. Which of the following studies is based on quantitative research?
A. A study examining the bereavement express in spouse or clients with terminal cancer
B. A study exploring the factors influencing weight control behaviour
C. A study measuring the effects of sleep deprivation on patients healing
D. A study examining client’s feeling before, during and after bone marrow aspiration.

88. Which of the following studies is based on the qualitative research?
A. A study examining client’s reaction to stress after open heart surgery
B. A study measuring nutrition and weight loss/gain in clients with cancer
C. A study examining oxygen levels after endotracheal suctioning
D. A study measuring differences in blood pressure before, during and after procedure

89. An 85 year old client in a nursing home tells a nurse, “ I signed the papers of that research study because the doctor was so insistent and I want him to continue taking care for me. “Which client right is being violated?
A. Right of self determination
B. Right to privacy and confidentiality
C. Right to self disclosure
D. Right not to be harmed

90. A supposition or system of ideas that is proposed to explain a given phenomenon best defines:
A. Paradigm
B. Concept
C. A theory
D. A conceptual framework

Situation 15: Mastery of research design determination is essential in passing the NLE.

91. Ana wants to know if the of time she will study for the board examination is proportional to her board rating. During the June 2008 board examination. She studied for 6 months and gained 60%. On the next board exam, she studied for 6 months again for a total of 1 year and gained 74%. On t third board exam, She studied for 6 months for a total of 1 and a half year and gained 82%. The research she used is:
A. Comparative
B. Correlational
C. Experimental
D. Qualitative

92. Anton was always eating high fat diet. You want to determine if what will be the effect of high cholesterol food to Anton in the next 10 years. You will use:
A. Comparative
B. Correlational
C. Historical
D. Longitudinal

93. Community A was selected randomly as well as community B, nurse Edna conducted teaching to Community A and assess if community A will have a better status than community B. This is an example of:
A. Comparative
B. Correlational
C. Experimental
D. Qualitative

94. Ana researched on the development of a new way to measure intelligence by creating a 100 item questionnaire that will assess the cognitive skills of an individual. The design best suited for this study is:
A. Historical
B. Methodological
C. Survey
D. Case study

95. Gen is conducting a research study on how mark, an AIDS client lives his life. A design suited for this is:
A. Historical
B. Case Study
C. Phenomenological
D. Ethnographic

96. Marco is to perform a study about how nurses perform surgical asepsis during World War II. A design for this study is:
A. Historical
B. Case Study
C. Phenomenological
D. Ethnographic

97. Tonyo conducts sampling at barangay 412. He collected 100 random individuals and determine who is their favourite comedian actor. 50% said Dolphy, 20% said Vic Sotto, while some answered Joey de Leon, Allan K, Michael V. Tonyo conducted what type of researched study?
A. Methodological
B. Case Study
C. Non experimental
D. Survey

98. June visited a tribe located somewhere in China, it is called the Shin Jea tribe. She studied the way of life, tradition and the societal structure of these people. Jane will best use which research design?
A. Historical
B. Case Study
C. Phenomenological
D. Ethnographic

99. Anjoe researched on TB. Its transmission, Causative agent and factors, treatment, sign and symptoms as well as medication and all other in depth information about tuberculosis. This study is best suited for which research design?
A. Historical
B. Case Study
C. Phenomenological
D. Ethnographic

100. Diana is to conduct a study about the relationship of The number of family members in the household and the electricity bill. Which of the following is best research design  suited for this study?
1. Descriptive
2. Exploratory
3. Explanatory
4. Correlational
5. Comparative
6. Experimental

A. 1, 4                       B. 2, 5                            C. 3,6                              D. 1, 5                              E. 2, 4
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